Saturday, December 8, 2012

You Can Do Beadwork With Several Different Types Of Beads

By Daniel Turbin

In case you are just starting to do beadwork you might have become confused with the variety of beads being offered. There are many different types of materials not to mention shades, sizes and textures that it can become hard to select the right pieces to complete your job. Many beaders would advise you to select the pieces that you want as you are the one making the piece. You will have the perfect idea of how you prefer it to look. In case you are following a pattern then you should use the materials the pattern maker suggests.

The most often used materials include the following:

Plastic beads - they are made from different kinds of plastic and differ greatly in level of quality. If you want this kind of bead to look its best choose those that have little or no seam showing.

Glass beads - this is probably the most popular types of beads as they are affordable and can look great. You will find them in various sizes from the small seed beads right up to large exclusive pieces. You can buy more costly hand blown glass pieces if you wanted to make some beadwork for a more special event.

Crystal beads - these are beads crafted from glass with the high net content. They are more costly than usual glass beads and can look wonderful. One popular make of Crystal beads is the Swarovski brand which is well-known worldwide.

Metal beads- there are various kinds of metal beads. The cheapest are made from aluminum, bronze, copper and also nickel. The next lowest priced choice is silver and gold plated metal where the piece of metal is covered by a fine layer of silver or gold. The underlying metal is usually copper or bronze.

There are other forms of beads used in beadwork but the above are the best known.

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