Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Everything You Need to Know About Dog Arthritis Treatment

By Geraldine Dimarco

Arthritis is a distressing and very painful ailment that we wish we never have. Fortunately, there are things we can do to make certain that we dont have to. We cannot say the same for animals though. Our pet's lifestyles are subject to us; therefore, we must be responsible in keeping them as healthy as possible. Discover essential information on arthritis in dogs as you continue to read this article.

Many times the cause of arthritis is simply because of old age. Imagine how many years of wear and tear a senior dogs joints will have sustained. On some occasions, a form of arthritis can arise because of a physical abnormality or a sickness that the canine got. Sometimes, a younger dog will get arthritis because he had an injury in his legs and was not treated properly. You will also see that arthritis is more prevalent among obese and overweight canines.

Perhaps the best course of action to take is to ensure that you give your pet the healthiest diet and the appropriate physical activity. Of course by exercise I don't mean you channel a drill sergeant and have your dog ready to pass out at the end of the day. Take a leisurely stroll up and down the street. Go swimming with him for 20 minutes. Really, your aim is to not even have to think about a dog arthritis treatment because your dog is in great health.

Being overweight is dangerous for dogs because it puts too much stress on his bones and joints. That is why being physically fit and having a good diet is integral in keeping arthritis at bay. Build up the dogs immune system by creating a diet that is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients. It will also do your dog well to give him supplements that will enhance joint and cartilage health.

You can add to your dogs life even more if you make sure that they have a nice and cozy place to stay in when they sleep. Find an old, comfortable mattress and wrap him in warm blankets especially during cold and damp days. Take regular trips to the vet to check if there are any developments in his health. The earlier you detect a disease, the more options you have in treating it.

Now, it may be that you already have an arthritic dog in your house. You can avail of an excellent dog arthritis treatment in canine sites or pet stores anywhere. There are really effective NSAIDs and valuable herbs that will specifically treat the effects of arthritis. Find out all that you can about his particular form of arthritis and ask the vet as how to best deal with this.

Arthritis in dogs is usually manifested in change in his behavior. Look out for signs that he is unusually lazy, is reluctant to being touched, have difficulty in changing positions and cries when you pet him. When you see these signs manifest, visit the vet right away. Your extra care in his health will prove to be worthwhile in the long run.

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