Sunday, December 16, 2012

How Proactol Plus Works To Promote Weight Loss

By Dianna Lee

Many overweight people are scared of diet pills that promote increased metabolism. Common side effects encountered include nausea, headaches, increased blood pressure and heart rate, and palpitation. But Proactol Plus is a supplement unlike the rest because it provides weight loss effects using an entirely different method.

It contains no fat-burning ingredients like caffeine. The product works by preventing fat cells in the food you eat from being assimilated in the body. Due to this, there is no need to attempt to burn anything. This effect is attained with the help of the patented "NeOptunia". It's a substance that is extracted from the Prickly Pear plant, a kind of cactus.

NeOptunia is made up of a fiber complex, consisting of both the non-soluble and soluble type. These two work hand in hand to reduce fat absorption and decrease the appetite in a natural fashion. Since the ingredient is plant-based, side effects other supplements commonly yield are kept at bay. Many people find this particular product more appealing than its competitors.

The non-soluble component of NeOptunia is the one which prevents the absorption of fat. It forms a gel-like matter around each fat cell, making it too big to be digested along the intestinal tract. These enveloped fat cells are eliminated naturally by the body. Because the ingredient selectively finds its target, other nutrients in the food you eat are still absorbed.

In contrast, the soluble component of NeOptunia helps in suppressing the appetite naturally. It decelerates the movement of food particles along the digestive tract so the individual won't feel hungry as often as usual. Also, the release of sugar into the bloodstream can be effectively regulated. Losing weight involves lesser intake and more expenditure of calories.

According to studies conducted, as many as 27% of fat content in the food you eat may be bound for elimination. The manufacturer does not indicate proper dosage, which means that your intake will depend on how much fat is in your meals. Adults can benefit from using the supplement, especially that it can also reduce the blood's LDL cholesterol level, the bad type.

Proactol Plus is ideal for those who like to shed off some unwanted pounds but are wary of chemicals that produce side effects. It helps keep fat from being absorbed and naturally diminishes the urge to eat. But it is recommended to tell your doctor about your intention of using it, especially if you are taking prescribed medicine or diagnosed with a health problem.

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