Saturday, November 26, 2011

Parenting and Breast Feeding

For the first two years of your infant's life, parenting can be a little hectic and maybe even crazy. You probably are going to be sleep-deprived and your ears are going to become numb from all the crying.

These are the price you must pay for the joys of raising a family. Not all babies like to cry, some are very simple, get on good schedules, and never once get sick.

If you parent a baby like that then you are a lucky mother or father. Breast feeding is a big part in a baby's life, and it is how they are going to feed, if you choose breastfeeding over formula.

Now lots of people think it is good to get a child on a schedule for eating, this may be helpful if you yourself are on a schedule, but there is good evidence showing that feeding a baby when they are hungry is going to be the healthiest thing for the child. You don't eat on a schedule every day, do you?

No, of course you don't. So why should your baby eat on a set schedule.

Besides, during times where your kid gets a cold or a bug of some kind, he is going to need more feeding than usual. The only nutrients a baby can get are through mother's breast milk, and the only way they can beat little bugs is through getting more nutrients.

The idea that you can starve a bug or sickness out of your body is preposterous. The best thing to do is get good healthy nutrients to combat the illness in you.

The same goes for your child. However, even though it is good to feed your baby when they are hungry, it is also good to get them on a good sleep schedule.

So it wouldn't be inappropriate to feed your child regularly before bedtime and after bath time. This will cozy the kid on up and knock him out for a good night's rest.

Getting your child on a good sleep schedule can save you a lot of sleep deprivation. Statistically parents lose up to 60 percent of their sleep with each new born.

Babies don't know the difference between night and day. Some might sleep all throughout the day time reserve the night exclusively for crying about teething.

So the sooner you can get your child on a sleep schedule the better. This, in many ways, will affect the times when your baby feeds, but you should still be attentive to the needs of your baby at any given time.

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