Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SharePoint Search For Business Solutions

Your Way To Financial FreedomSharePoint search is a web application that has been around for ten years now. It is best known for providing businesses with a platform for content and document management. Through web technologies, it is used as an application platform for business Intranet and Extranet portals, collaboration spaces, business intelligence, work flow automation, and a base technology for customized applications, to name a few.

The standard version is free, however, premium editions with extra functions must be purchased for a price. It has become a common application in cloud computing. Duplicate files are a regular problem for a lot of businesses with so many people working on the same projects. It is a very useful tool in keeping track of different versions of shared files and documents created by different users. Many businesses use it as common practice because of its daily operational functionality.

This application is designed to be the central location for businesses to manage their sites. Custom coding can be added to it to further enhance its functionality. It's main purpose is to support different groups or teams within the business. Customizing can really affect they way it performs towards your specific functions within your business.

Intranet portals are used by many companies as a way to organize and access information on a business network. It works well helping a company manage all of its information, data, and applications. The benefits include centralizing processes, employee use and training, and access to shared documents which reduces duplicate copies of files. There is also a publishing feature which enables an employee to publish to the larger Internet website from the Intranet.

The extranet is a feature that allows password protected access to the world wide web outside of the central business Intranet. This is useful for those needing to update web pages to the main company site. It is also useful for those employees needing to download information for business use.It can also be used for access to emails and any other web based purposes you decide.

SharePoint allows users to customize and configure their data as they see fit. Web page editing, widgets, and general manipulating of data and content is pretty straightforward and similar to other well known office software. It integrates easily with other office software making it fit in smoothly to the work process. Customization helps work flow processes run smoothly and successfully.

The technology easily integrates with other common office based software. It is a proficient tool for document retention and record management. The free version has adequate search engine functionality though it is limited in some areas. It is able to search documents and across file systems. Within a cloud environment, the function works a little differently.

A Sharepoint search is basically a collection point of data, content, and libraries where information can be managed and manipulated for business purposes. You must register in order to download the free version. Built in work flow templates are a nice feature with this technology. All in all, this technology is a very useful tool in the work environment today.

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