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Central Portugal As A Break Destination

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Variety is the watch-word for Portugal because of its multifaceted terrain, from the super sandy beaches in the South to the snow-capped mountains and thick green forests in the Central and North regions. Central Portugal is frequently called the "Green Heart" of Portugal because of the blanket of pine trees and eucalyptus forests covering the beautiful valleys and mountains. Stunning, natural beauty surrounds and fillls the region. Central Portugal is a place where people who visit are unable to avoid its outstanding natural beauty.

To explore rural Central Portugal and the Silver Coast in comfort it is better to hire a car. For the more active, Central Portugal offers a variety of adventure attractions. These include mountain-biking, hiking and kayaking. There are a variety of river beaches with water sports, pedal boats, restaurants and bars available. Golf resorts such as the Montebello Golf and Spa Resort set in stunning, relaxing surroundings are also available in Central Portugal. Also, a traveller could take a jaunt to the historic university city of Coimbra.

From 1139 to 1260, Coimbra, Central Portugal's main city was the country's capital. Looking over the city below is the University of Coimbra. It is the main seat of learning in Portugal and one of its main tourist attractions. The university itself has a beautiful Baroque Chapel; over 300,000 historical books are residing in the Library, and its ceiling is covered in complex decorations. and some of the most wonderful gardens in Europe are here, of note are the 18th century Botanical gardens.

In the Roman era, Coimbra was an enclave of the Aeminium, with a few remnants still in existance, i.e., an aqueduct and cryptoporticus. Nearby, the ancient Roman city of Conimbriga has artefacts which are said to be the best in Europe. More than Roman history, Coimbra has a respectable collection of museums for example the City Museum and the Museo Nacional Machado de Castro, which is regarded as the most key in Portugal.

Providing the Central area with its life-blood is the mighty Mondego river, meandering through the valleys. Coimbra is where the river is at its most spectacular after its journey through the villages, towns and mountains. Kayaking, a ferry ride, sitting and taking in the energy or eating at a bankside restaurant are different ways to relish the majesty of the Mondego river.

The hospitality, warmth and friendliness of the Portugese citizens is renowned. It is above all the case in Central Portugal. The Portuguese language can at the beginning seem to be difficult, however, after getting the basics sorted and attempting to convey with local people, efforts are frequently rewarded with immense smiles and a glass of homemade port or wine.

On average 30% of the country's native population work abroad at any one point in time. The Portuguese people have a history of migrant working. Those who opt to visit, live or work in Portugal are greeted with a very accepting attitude from the Portuguese people. This is due to the reality that on average, 30% of the population work abroad.

If a person is looking for a mixture of experiences and differences of place to visit, then Central Portugal is the place to go. It is an area of spectacular natural beauty infused in history, tradition and culture. History, culture and tradition are inset in the area and magnificent scenery surrounds and engulfs it.

Casa do Poco Velho is a beautiful large 4 bedroom house in Portugal with about half an acre of south facing, fertile land close to the lovely university city of Coimbra.

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