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An Elegant Touch: Bracelets & Bangles

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People have been wearing jewellery on their wrists in the form of bracelets & bangles for thousands of years. Famous figures in history such as Cleopatra of ancient Egypt were known for their exquisite arm jewellery. Like all other types of jewellery, they come in a wide array of designs, styles and materials. In some cultures the jewellery worn on one's arm tells others of their status in life, in the western world they are commonly given as gifts and worn as a nice accent piece that can set off any outfit. There are lovely ones for every occasion, and some that go with anything.

Formal styled bracelets are the most expensive generally, however there are some that do not feature genuine gemstones or use a low karat of gold so they are less costly. These types include the classic diamond "tennis" design which is usually a single consecutively set row of diamonds set in gold or silver and fastens with a clasp. Link designs also fall into this category and are made of tiny chain-links of gold or silver which join together and may or may not contain gems set in them. These are very elegant styles that are suitable to be worn for special occasions.

The charm bracelet is a classic design that never goes out of style. This is often a design that is associated with young girls, but some adult women wear them as well. Each tiny charm that attaches onto the bracelet is meant to symbolize something of significance to the wearer. These can hold great sentimental value and are a collector's items because the individual charms are collected by the one wearing it.

Bangles form a solid circle and can be simply slid over the wrist to take them on or off. They are usually made of metal which can be gold or silver or any non-precious metal but can also be made of glass or plastic as well. They can have a smooth or textured surface and may be decorated with stones either real or imitation. They are normally worn as a set of several on one arm. They can be worn with casual or formal attire depending on their design.

There are also some styles that were meant to be worn with casual wear and are relatively inexpensive, but have some meaning or sentiment to the wearer. Examples of this kind of bracelet include Native Folk art designs which are made of beads, friendship bracelets which are generally woven together from embroidery thread and are presented as a symbol of friendship as the name suggests, and the rubber wristband that are popular with athletes that have an encouraging word or phrase stamped into them.

Bracelets & bangles are nice accessories to add interest to any outfit and also serve as way to express what one likes or stands for. The fact that they are worn on the wrist makes them fairly noticeable to people more than some pieces of jewellery, so they can definitely make a statement.

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