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Rapidly Increasing Hookah Bars

By John McCree

Initially popularized the in the U.S. in the 1960's and 70's, hookah smoking is becoming increasingly common ever since the turn of the century. Simply put, a hookah bar is a commercial establishment where patrons share shisha tobacco with a smoking device called a "hookah". There are plenty of Hookah bars in towns in the U.S.

A Look at The History

The origin of hookah can be traced back to five centuries in what was then called the Subcontinent. Making its way through Iran and into Turkey it experienced an increase of popularity among Turkish upper class and started to spread a lot more quickly down through Lebanon and Syria and finally to Egypt, therefore, the hookah bar is greatly associated with the Middle East. Hookah bars in the middle east became the place for the elite to socialize and smoke hookah.

What Does A Hookah Bar Look Like?

Bars that are designed to imitate the region of origin of hookah have generally Arab people running them. The furnishings are in line with the Middle Eastern culture of Indian culture. A few bars only offer hookah. But some multifunctional bars offer snack foods, coffee and sodas too. The vast majority of smaller lounges do not have a liquor license and they do not serve liquor. However, in larger towns, many trendier establishments serve alcohol, usually with a full bar available for cocktails, wine, and beer. It isn't uncommon to see belly dancers, live bands, or DJs in the more upscale urban hookah bars because they look like a "night club" more closely than a neighborhood social establishment.

Near college campuses, hookah bars tend to be more casual with a wide mix of patrons, which includes college students of course. The trend has become common as a safer alternative to other sorts of smoking. Hookah bars do well near colleges as college life is a time to try new stuff and enjoy the freedom of life. Cities famous for their secondary education institutions, like Washington DC or Raleigh, NC have noticed a surge in popularity with regards to these lounges.

Let's Talk About a Hookah

Now you must be thinking what a hookah is? What is so special about this device that it is becoming popular everywhere accross the planet. Legend has it the hookah was initially made in 1588 by a Persian physician in the Indian court. At the time it was invented, it was given the name of "huqqa". The term hookah comes from the very same Indian word "huqqa".

While the primitive hookah looked much different, perhaps made from coconut shells, the result has always been the same: purify and cool the smoke by moving it through water before breathing in. Following are the main parts of a hookah:

1. Bowl - the tobacco is placed here.

2. Body - the smoke leaves the body and gets to the water basin.

3. Water Basin - has the water to purify and cool the smoke. After purifying the smoke remains in a chamber over the water.

4. Hose - the smoker puffs on the hose to breathe in smoke from the holding chamber where it is kept after purification. Ordinarily a hose is approximately one to two meters long.

Thick, cool and fragrant smoke comes out of the hookah.

A senior customer of a well known hookah business in turkey said:

"Company matters a lot more than what you put in a pipe when you're smoking. It's a full experience. All kinds of people, old, young and fascinating come to bars like this one. Hookahs bars will remain in the world so long as people wish to take out time to enjoy the company of their buddies."

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