Monday, December 10, 2012

Virginia Divorce Records Updated Copy Online

By Christopher Evans

Virginia divorce records are one of the documents that can be accessed by the local residents of Virginia. This was done as mandated by the local government in accordance to the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act.

Although, divorce records are considered as public documents, the information that can be found on it is limited only to the basic information. This includes the date and place where the couple got approval for their separation. Certain information that are considered to be vital and critical are kept confidential Examples of this information includes the details about the custody of the children and the division of assets and properties. In addition to that, one would not be able to find the reason why the couple decided to separate. This information has been kept private to protect the privacy of the individuals.

There are several reasons for accessing divorce records in Virginia. One of the common one is to process marriage again. One would not be able to proceed with marrying again if a divorce certificate is not presented in the application process. It is also one of the documents used as reference when updating the family history records.

The retrieval of a Record in the state of Virginia is $12 only. Only records that have been registered since the year 1918 can be obtained in the state of Virginia. One has to know that the government of Virginia keeps the file private until it reaches 50 years. Newly registered file can be requested at the office of the county clerk where the divorce was registered. Also, the person whose name is on the file is the ones that can request for the document. Those who need the record would have to provide a court order. In order to have the request processed, one has to have a photocopy of their identification card has to be submitted along with the accomplished application form.

The office of the Vital Records of the State is where all public documents of Virginia are being managed. This includes the divorce records of the state. One can also check the office of the county clerk to see if the records are still with them especially if the event has not reached 50 years. The Internet has been used to make the retrieval of this document easier.

The Internet has made the retrieval of the record easier and convenient. The need to go to any office has been eliminated since it can be obtained even at home. One can even search for a free online divorce records by testing the services offered by several websites. Although, this is a penniless transaction, many would still want to pay for the online services because of the quality of results that can be obtained from it.

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