Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tips On The Handling Of 3 Common Household Infestations

Seeing the parade of pests around your home is a real nightmare. You will be asking yourself what these creatures will be able to do to your property. Of course the kind of pests that will invade your residence can be dependent on the area where you live. However, 3 common infestations are found in every area. These are mice, ants and cockroaches. There are households who take it upon themselves to put an end to the infestations. But, in most cases, the efforts were never fruitful. Pest infestations can be best handled by professionals.

In the extermination of pests, you will need chemicals which oftentimes are poisonous. Regardless of your extreme care in handling these chemicals, you can never discount the possibility of risks. This makes hiring of professional pest control service very necessary. You cannot delay the extermination process. As much as possible you have to act the soonest possible time that you detect any presence of these home-enemy creatures.

Cockroaches are prevalent in majority of homes. Even if you clean your cupboards and cabinets, these creatures have the tendency to invade these areas. Cockroaches love to dwell in dark and damp areas. They are fast runners and expert hiders. It is sometime difficult to chase them for the kill. These pests are difficult to wipe out. Even if you consistently spray pesticides in your kitchen cabinets, where they use to hole up, many will be eradicated. But with the eggs that hatch quickly, you will again see new small cockroaches crawling in your kitchen. You can never be a DIY person for pests. If you insist on being one, you will get tired of spraying insecticides. Purge them once and soon through pest control service.

Mice are very destructive enemies. They bite and gnaw at your clothes, wires, cables and other stuff. Once a mouse is found loitering around, you should immediately deal with their extermination. The mice can increase in number so quickly; they breed at a very rapid rate. Evidences of the presence of these animals are dark colored droppings, evidences of gnawed wires, food supplies and clothes. Once you suspect (even if you have not seen one in your house), you should immediately bring the attention to a hired professional pest control provider. Your mouse traps and rat poisons will not be able to control their increase in number. With this method, you only kill one or a couple.

Ants are not as destructive as rats but they nevertheless are great nuisances. They may not pose health threat but their bites can cause you extreme pain and itchiness. There are two predominant types of ants. There are the black flying garden ants and there are Pharaoh ants that spread diseases. Eradication of these pests will need expertise in locating their breeding nests. A DIY pest controller usually pours boiling water into the nest. Some people apply on the nest store bought insecticide powder. Just with other pests, the effect is just temporary. Without the professional extermination process, the ants will be back sooner that you expect.

These are just three of the most common household pests. There may be more other kinds in your rooms. You can have bugs and others. And if you suspect presence of pests in your surroundings, go and consult immediately with a professional pest control service company for the implementation of pest extermination.

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  1. Oh thank you so much for this information. I have never seen mice in my house until this summer, and now I've seen about 5 or 6. We have hired a pest control company for the mice so hopefully they will be gone soon. Although we will use this information for the other common pests by ourselves.