Friday, December 2, 2011

VoIP Rides on the Back of the New Generation

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The history of new technologies suggests to us that the single greatest obstacle in getting people to use a new system is their love of old habits. Even though the new benefits are explained to them over and over again, there are those who find reasons to hold back and use excuses ranging from "I don't think I really need those benefits" to "It's too complicated." This is not to indict anyone in particular - it's just the way things are and none of us is above thinking like this no matter how progressive we might seem.

Over the past few years, VoIP has been gaining traction amongst the populace. First it was only the tech savvy, then those who wanted to save money on international calling got on board and lately there's been a push to move VoIP into the mainstream with Republic Wireless's efforts and the T-Mobile/Warmart deal. Other companies such as vonage make use of VoIP, but package it in the same old POTS mentality so customers think they're using a regular phone system which is actually VoIP in reality.

It might be easy to say that things are fine just the way they are, but a new generation is coming up that is free of the paradigms of the past and will take to the new technologies of VoIP without even knowing that there's anything special about it. Such individuals are brought up on the notions of being able to chat for free and sending SMS messages without paying anything. Talking on the phone using just an Internet connection is merely the next step.

The supporting infrastructure has been keeping pace with such aspirations. Internet speeds have improved drastically and broadband has become more and more ubiquitous. The combined power of new technology along with the requisite enablers create a powerful effect that can't be resisted. VoIP is the future - as indeed are integrated communications. Thanks to the open nature of the Internet, competition is about to get far more intense than it has ever been in the past and this will lead to better service and more innovative and cost effective set ups.

There's little doubt that the Internet is one of the greatest forces of our time. It has transformed the music industry, the publishing industry and now it has its eyes firmly set on traditional PSTN systems. The time of VoIP is just around the corner. Will you be ready for it?

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